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Best Modern Modular Kitchen Platform Designs for a Stylish Home

Let’s begin with a question. What is the first thing you notice when you visit someone’s kitchen? Some notice the kitchen’s color scheme, while a few others view the overall ambiance. However, most of you would look at the kitchen platform. Yes! The most significant aspect of a kitchen is its platform, as that’s where all the action happens. Although fundamental to every kitchen, a kitchen counter when planned and designed appropriately, can enhance a kitchen’s aesthetics. So, if you’ve been looking for a
kitchen platform to augment your modern modular kitchen design, you’ve come to the right place. For over 25 years, Kitchen décor has been amplifying kitchen spaces with versatile modern kitchen designs and creative kitchen platforms. Let’s explore them in this blog.

What is a Modern Kitchen?

We’ve all seen conventional kitchens throughout. Many of us have worked in them and lived with their challenges. However, modern kitchens are significantly different from their traditional counterparts. It is because modern kitchens stem from a comprehensive and integrated thought process that involves catering to multiple aspects of a kitchen and addressing each equally. Thus, a modern kitchen design would cover aesthetics, functionality, ergonomics, comfort, convenience, and technology. Additionally, it also includes planning the layout that can help save 20-25 percent of the user’s time. In other words, modern kitchen designs are personalized to suit an individual’s specific kitchen requirements and make it more convenient for them to use the kitchen.

Our Modern Modular Kitchen Designs

At Kitchen décor, we specialize in numerous modern modular kitchen designs. Our forte covers aesthetics, functionality, convenience, and longevity. It is our customer-centric approach and boundless expertise across the kitchen domain that reflects in all our kitchen designs and its elements like platforms, countertops, shelves, materials used, designs, and eventually customization. Here’s what we have to offer.

U-Shaped Kitchen Platform

A U-shaped kitchen platform is essentially a U-shaped layout comprising cabinets and countertops with the three sides of U, facilitating a continuous and convenient working space. Modern modular kitchen design with a U-shaped kitchen platform offer optimum functionality, extensive storage space, and a larger countertop surface to work. A variation of the U-shaped design is the G shape, in which the fourth side is usually a peninsula or partial wall extension.

L-Shaped Kitchen Platform

L-Shaped Kitchen Platform

It’s great to have a broad kitchen space that allows you to maneuver seamlessly across all of its areas. For such kitchen spaces, an L-shaped kitchen platform and layout can comfortably fit in. some features of L-shaped kitchen platform include effective corner space utilization, ample storage space, distinct work zones, and optimum accessibility.

C-Shaped Kitchen Platform

C-Shaped Kitchen Platform

Also termed a horseshoe kitchen, a C-shaped layout has one open end, which serves as an entry point for the kitchen. When designed by an experienced modern modular kitchen designer, C-shaped kitchen platforms can help increase efficiency, provide ample storage, allow space for multiple cooks, and do justice to kitchens of varying sizes.

Parallel Kitchen Platform

Parallel Kitchen Platform

Again, as the name suggests, parallel kitchen modern kitchen designs have two kitchen platforms and cabinets arranged in parallel to form a corridor-like layout. Such kitchens are also called galley modular kitchens. At Kitchen décor, we can seamlessly craft bespoke modern kitchen designs to match the existing kitchen space and most importantly your needs.

Straight Kitchen Platform

Straight Kitchen Platform

The conventional straight kitchen is popular for its simplistic design and ease of operation. Such a kitchen has only one platform along one of the kitchen’s walls. Straight kitchen platforms are an excellent option for compact kitchen spaces.

Island Kitchen

Everyone aspires to a spacious kitchen. For those who have it, an island kitchen layout and platform can prove an advantageous choice. Island kitchens can integrate various shapes and serve various purposes. For instance, you can have a U-shaped kitchen platform and layout accompanied by a platform positioned separately as an island, away from the rest of the kitchen design. The island kitchen platform can serve as a mini cooking space to shake mocktails, brew coffee, a vegetable or fruit chopping area, or even a small dining space.

Whether compact or spacious, Kitchen décor is here to take your kitchen space’s aesthetics and functionality to the next level. With customized designs that stem from a highly customer-centric approach, our kitchen designs exemplify the highest levels of functional convenience and ergonomic comfort.

What also makes us a distinct modern modular kitchen design partner is our comprehensive support and extensive manufacturing capabilities. Speaking of the latter first, we manufacture every element of the modular kitchen in our well-equipped production facility. It helps us serve you better and more accurately. Furthermore, our support involves helping you choose the right material to installation and maintenance.

Visiting our showroom would help you discover the various kitchen layouts and platforms we offer. So, pay us a visit and connect with our experts who will help you navigate our offerings. Let’s discuss your requirements and vision to make your dream kitchen a reality.

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