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Modular Kitchen Interior Design Ideas Trending in 2024

Who doesn’t want a trendy modular kitchen design customized to their needs? Well, everyone does! If you also are looking for modular kitchen design incorporating the latest trends, Kitchen décor has got you covered! But before that, we will take you through some of the latest modular kitchen interior design ideas trending to let you have an elegant, functional, and contemporary kitchen.

Modular Kitchen Décor – 8 Elements in Demand

Here are eight elements of trends people demand these days when they approach us for modular kitchen décor.

1. Pantry Unit

Pantry Unit

Imagine working your way through or having to deal with cluttered storage corners. Those who’ve been through and done that would resonate with what we are talking about. A pantry unit can address the problem though! 

It is a smart storage solution (resembling a store room) to keep all your kitchen accessories. You can get a pantry unit designed in the form of a pull-out unit, swing larder, or a walk-in space. Kitchen décor offers a range of sleek designs that can optimize storage and at the same time, save space.  

2. Under Counter Purifier

Under Counter Purifier

Water purifiers are an essential element of every modular kitchen space. However, over-the-counter purifiers often clutter the wall space with the sight of those tangled wires. An intelligent way of doing it is concealing the water purifier in an under-sink cabinet. While being modern, it also proves convenient. Additionally, it saves the upper space and helps utilize the bottom one.

3. Tandem Drawers

Tandem Drawers

Also known as tandem boxes, these are essentially storage solutions with a special sliding mechanism. These come in varying sizes and you can get them designed in the form of drawers to store everything from groceries to kitchenware. Tandem drawers help you manage your kitchen elements efficiently and utilize the storage space intelligently.

Some benefits include sturdiness, durability, straightforward opening and closing, minimal dust accumulation, and high weight-bearing capacity.

4. Drawer Organizer

cutlery organiser

You take utmost care while storing things. However, you still struggle to find things when you need them! Well, this happens to all of us at least once. The key to avoiding it is to think differently. And that differently over here refers to integrating a drawer organizer in your kitchen. A drawer organizer helps store kitchen items neatly in a drawer, instead of placing them at various places over the counter.

5. PU Shutters

plate holders

PU shutters have emerged as yet another trend across the modular kitchen space. A polyurethane finish to spray-painted MDF shutters with high-gloss auto-coat paint can contribute to their water resistance and durability. With PU, you also get a range of colors. However, you should preferably choose light and fresh colors to keep it more graceful.

6. Built-in appliances

Modular Kitchen in Pune

Another significant trend in modular kitchen décor is built-in appliances. Conventional kitchens require accommodating microwaves, ovens, and other kitchen devices on the countertop. While reducing the countertop space, it can create clutter. Let alone make the countertop look crowded and aesthetically bad. 

However, modular kitchens with built-in appliances are designed to accommodate these devices comfortably without causing clutter or disrupting your natural movements while working in the kitchen.

The idea is to make working in the kitchen more convenient and efficient. Built-in appliances contribute to the purpose significantly.

7. Acrylic Finish Kitchen

Glam up your kitchen with an acrylic finish, a reflective finish that provides a glossy and smooth texture to the kitchen cabinets. It comprises a premium synthetic material with an incredible mirror-like finish that’s hard and shatter-resistant at the same time. so, if you aspire to give your kitchen a glamorous and glittery look, an acrylic finish helps you do that.

8. Rolling Shutters

Another significant trend includes installing rolling shutters. These are highly efficient door systems that offer numerous benefits. Rolling shutters facilitate easy and effortless access to electronic items like toaster, juicer, mixer, etc. On the other hand, they are easy to use and handle, thus making them a popular element. However, in addition to functionality, rolling shutters also offer a sleek, elegant and modern look to the kitchen!

While Signing-Off!

Modular kitchen décor is a trend-driven space. However, who sets the tone and trends? Of course, it is you, the consumers!

So, connect with Kitchen décor if you have an idea or a specific expectation in your mind that you want to translate to reality. Kitchen décor is all ears. Connect with our expert now to get the best modular kitchen design price with details.

With over 25 years of experience serving 18000+ customers, a massive self-manufacturing facility of 100,000 square feet, and extensive customization capabilities, we qualify as your partners you can depend upon for modular kitchens in Pune and other cities as well. Plan a visit to our office. Our experts will help you navigate our offerings and discuss your needs in detail.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to build a modular kitchen?

It takes a few weeks to complete the entire project, including designing, manufacturing, and installation. However, we can give you the exact completion time only after understanding your requirements in detail.

Which factors do you keep in mind while designing modular kitchens?

At Kitchen décor, we design modular kitchens keeping factors like customization, convenience, comfort, efficiency, safety, ergonomics, space optimization, functionality, and customer satisfaction in mind.

Can I have black kitchen cabinets?

Yes. Black is a trending kitchen cabinet color that represents style and sophistication. It offers the kitchen a rich and more elegant look.

What if I am not sure about the type of modular kitchen design I need?

In that case, our experts will ask questions to know your needs and decipher your expectations. Based on your requirements, our experts will recommend kitchen designs that help you achieve your aesthetic and functional goals.

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