Your Love of Cooking, Assisted with Modular Kitchen Design in Pune

Kitchen decor offers smart & luxury kitchen design solutions to bring to life a kitchen that reflects your taste and needs in the most perfect sense. Holding a legacy of more than 25+ years and rendering countless modular kitchens to various happy families, we can proudly say that we know kitchens and hence bring the best to you. Crafting a modern modular kitchen design that is not just aesthetically pleasing but also functionally advanced, is our forte.

Our modular kitchens exhibit the finest quality and innovative designs marked with European precision. Our vision is to offer you a kitchen that enhances the joy of cooking for you and your family. We manage to do this with the valuable experience and knowledge that we’ve achieved in these 25+ years of building trustworthy modular kitchens in Pune.

Our Process for Modular Kitchen

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Assembling Needs

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A kitchen should be such that very effortlessly molds into your needs and requirements. A place that should enhance the joy of cooking for you and your family. For this, it is important for us to know exactly what you want and expect from your new kitchen and us. At Kitchen decor, we ensure this by studying a detailed questionnaire that shall be filled by you. This gathered information caters to all the minutest doubts and questions that we may have. Also, it propels you to think deeper and decide on what exactly you want from us. This step facilitates a smoother and more accurate working process further and allows us to build you the best modern kitchen design that suits your needs.


Applying Ergonomics

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Kitchens by Kitchen decor, intends to take good care of you. We design modern kitchens that make your cooking experience effortless and non-tidy. This is made possible by carefully creating a modular kitchen furniture design smartly in a way that doesn’t require making unnecessary body gestures such as bending, stretching, or ducking. These body actions may cause you health problems and in no way do we want that. Hence, we bring to you kitchens that are adaptable, efficient, and advanced in every aspect.

Applying Ergonomics 1

Giving your wall unit the right depth

Ideally the depth of the wall unit should not be more than 300 mm otherwise you may end up banging your head on it everytime.

cooking Ergonomics

Giving your countertop the right height

It is very important for the countertop to have the right height for the person to be comfortable while cooking. There should be a right amount of gap between the worktop and the elbow which is around 10-15 cm.

Applying Ergonomics 3

Choose lift-ups over hinged shutters

Lift-ups are more convenient and manageable than the hinged shutters. Hinged shutters are often cumbersome and require constant closing and opening. Also, more often than not, there’s a possibility of you bumping into it, if let open. Whereas. Lift ups are easy to use as they move up and out of the way and can be left open while cooking. It makes it easier to view or remove items from lift ups while cooking.

Applying Ergonomics 4

Choose drawers over cupboards

Removing things from cupboards can be quite a task and tedious at times. Also, stretching to reach for things that may be kept into the cupboards may cause back problems or other health problems. Hence, choosing drawers over cupboards can prove to be beneficial any day. The full extension option that the drawer offers makes it more convenient and makes pulling anything out, or reaching to the back of the drawer, easy and painless.


Zoning & Workflow

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To make your life easier and the cooking process hassle-free, we introduce to you the 5 Zone Design Principles. Using this process, we divide your kitchen into 5 essential zones to simplify your sequence of workflow and make it swift and smooth. It’s time that your luxury modern kitchen gets smarter too.

The 5 zones are:

Consumable zone:

Includes area and appliances for your food, refrigerator, grain cabinets, drawers, etc.

Non-consumable zone:

Includes your colanders, crockery, utensils, glasses, etc.

Cleaning zone:

Includes your sink and dishwasher. The garbage unit is also placed here.

Preparation zone:

Your cooking preparation happens here, it includes chopping and mixing implements

Cooking zone:

Includes your stove, and hob, or may also include the oven, microwave, or the entire cooking range.

Benefits of using 5 Zone Design Principle

Each of the zones has storage for food and essential tools allocated to avoid misplacement. This saves time because you don’t have to keep searching for things scattered around the kitchen.

Moreover, zones are arranged in a specific sequence according to the order of the tasks to be performed usually. This makes your kitchen workflow easy and tidy.

For this plan to be executed properly, modern kitchen design experts at Kitchen décor study your kitchen space properly and then come up with designs that suit best it.


Planning Storage

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We have enough space for you and your happiness. Indian kitchens especially require huge storage to bear all the diverse ingredients required to make our rich cuisine. Modular Kitchens by Kitchen decor offers you large storage that is properly designed. Everything in your kitchen will have its proper place allotted by our kitchen so that you never forget what has been kept where. Also, this will allow you to experience a kitchen that is spacious, luxurious, and well-organized. We promise you that with Kitchen decor, you will never run out of space.

Planning Storage


clever corners


This diagonal deep corner drawer is a clever design to use available space and to store the most vital items required for cooking.

Planning Storage 5


Thanks to this cleverly designed film dispenser, you can now pull out and cut ‘cling-film’ without a tangle and high wastage.

bowl organizer


Thanks to these flexible cross-dividers, you can store the appropriate lids right next to your pots and pans.

nice clean organizer


These U-shaped pull outs fit neatly around the sink, making use of all wasted space. This provides ample space for sponges and liquids, keeping them within easy reach.

plate holders


Round or square, these plate-holders can hold a number of plates without sliding around in the drawer. What’s more, you can lift the holder and carry it to the table at mealtimes.

cutlery organiser


A neat cutlery drawer, with dividers, to make sure your spoons don’t jostle your forks; and you can quickly find the sauté spoon before the seasoning burns!


Coordinating Elements

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To give you a modern kitchen that is pleasing to the eyes as well, we are perfectly color-coordinated. Our creative kitchen interior designer rightly creates a combination of wall, countertop, shutter doors, flooring, lighting, and other modular kitchen furniture designs in a way that all complement each other very well. Ensuring a perfect balance of all the elements we offer you a kitchen that has perfectly coordinated colors, style, textures, and finishes.

Explore our Accessories Elements

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Why Modular Kitchen v/s Carpenter Made Kitchen

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Perfect and precise dimensions with neat and perfect edges.


Rough corners and imperfect dimensions.

Factory manufactured standard quality products.


Carpenter manufactured average quality products.

Technologically advanced with German machinery.


Local procedures with high dependence on human skills.

We deliver “Ready to Fit” product ensuring no clutter and is all set for use.


Work done on-site creating more noise and clutter on an everyday basis.

Movable and allows dismantling with the help of our technicians.


Fixed furniture hence doesn’t allow moving.

Pasting and lamination work done using high-tech machines.


Lack of resources, has to work without any tools and technology.

Wide range of options available to choose from.


Limited options to choose from.

Prompt delivery and installations.


Unreliable delivery date.

Doesn’t require your constant presence or attention.


Requires your presence for supervision.

Fixed budget, no last moment cost additions.


Varying budget with no fixed deal.

There is no concern about wastage.


Causes a lot of leftover waste which is difficult to dispose of.

5 Years Warranty.


No fixed warranty.

Dedicated After Sales Service for maintenance.


No After Sales Team.

Custom made, personalized and ergonomically designed kitchens to best suit your requirements.


No planning or concepts used.

Before hand visual representation of your kitchen design offered.


No visual representation offered. Direct viewing of the final product.

Types of Modular Kitchen

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L-shaped-kitchen L-shaped-kitchen


u-shaped-kitchen u-shaped-kitchen


c-shaped-kitchen c-shaped-kitchen


G-shaped-kitchen G-shaped-kitchen


parallel-kitchen parallel-kitchen


peninsula-kitchen peninsula-kitchen


straight-kitchen straight-kitchen


island-kitchen island-kitchen



A luxury modular kitchen is a high-end kitchen design that utilizes pre-fabricated modules or units to create a customized and stylish cooking space with premium features and materials.

Yes, modular kitchens are highly suitable for small spaces. They are designed to maximize space utilization and can be customized to fit the available area.

A luxury modular kitchen is different from a traditional kitchen in that it is pre-fabricated and designed to fit specific dimensions and requirements. It offers a sleek, contemporary look and often includes advanced features and functionality.

Popular materials used in luxury modular kitchens include high-quality wood, stainless steel, granite, marble, quartz, and premium laminates. These materials are chosen for their durability, aesthetics, and ease of maintenance.

When choosing a modular kitchen design, consider factors such as your cooking habits, storage needs, available space, and overall aesthetic preferences to ensure that the design meets your requirements.

Some of the latest trends in luxury modular kitchens include smart kitchen technology, minimalist designs, hidden storage solutions, integrated appliances, and eco-friendly materials.

While the initial cost of installing a modular kitchen price per sq ft may be higher than traditional kitchens, the long-term benefits, such as durability, functionality, and ease of maintenance, make it a cost-effective choice.

Yes, it is possible to upgrade an existing kitchen to a luxury modular kitchen. Professional designers and installers can assess the space and provide customized solutions to transform a standard kitchen into a luxurious and efficient modular kitchen in Pune.

Certainly! Our modular kitchen cost in Pune includes the entire process, from design to installation. Our skilled professionals ensure that the installation is seamless, giving you peace of mind throughout the project. You can trust Kitchen Decor to provide a comprehensive and cost-effective solution for your modular kitchen needs in Pune.

With over 25 years of experience and 18,000+ happy customers, Kitchen décor offers you the freedom to co-create your perfect modular kitchen with our expert interior designers. Our feedback process allows you to be at the helm of the design, and we take pride in customizing designs to match your preferences. Our extensive modular kitchen catalog, combined with our interior design experts, makes Kitchen décor the leader in modular kitchen design in Pune.

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