Stylish TV Unit Design Ideas for Living Room

5 Stylish TV Unit Design Ideas for Living Room

Today, we live in the modular furniture era where every element is personalized to suit our preferences, styles and needs. TV unit designs aren’t an exception to it. These units also speak to lengths about one’s interior style and preferences. So, if you want to enhance your home’s style quotient and want a trendy TV unit design, here are five stylish TV unit design ideas for your living room from Kitchen décor, a reliable name for luxury home interior design company in Pune.

1.   TV Unit with Open Storage Shelves

A TV unit with open storage shelves is an amazing way to place your TV and at the same time, provide storage space to display various artefacts, sound systems, etc. Open shelves provide easy and quick access to things you need. However, ensure you don’t clutter the space in the wake of keeping as many things as possible. While making space for storage, ensure the space remains uncluttered and clean.

2.   Minimalist TV Unit

Sometimes, a minimalist design also works well, especially when you don’t want the TV unit design to steal all the show. A minimalist TV design features a streamlined design. Such TV units are suitable especially when you have an exclusive preference for minimalistic designs.

3.   High Gloss TV Unit

High Gloss TV Unit

How about making a living space sparkle with a gloss TV unit design? As the name suggests, the glossy unit reflects light and dazzles up the living room, thus adding a pinch of aesthetics and opulence to the living room.

4.   Modern Floating TV Unit Design

Modern Floating TV Unit Design

Another intriguing design is the modern floating one. The floating design doesn’t consume floor space. It has a floating TV cabinet attached to the wall. You can use that cabinet to store light accessories, watches, or anything you need daily.

5.   Rustic Wooden Panel TV Unit Design

Rustic Wooden Panel TV Unit Design

Wood is evergreen. While beautifying old homes, wood also glams up new-age residences! Thus, creating a rustic wooden panel with the desired finish can help provide a soothing effect to your eyes and add grace to the living room. You may want to complement the TV unit design with a wooden strip roof or wooden panels on the flooring. Or, have a wooden TV unit design that aligns with these elements, if you’ve installed them first. Adding some greens neighboring the TV unit design will make the space look more sophisticated.

Looking to Amp Your TV Unit Space? Choose Kitchen décor for Best Design Ideas!

We hope the above could give you some ideas for your TV unit space. If you’ve been looking for modular furniture manufacturers in Pune or have a particular one in mind, visit us and discover how we can transform your vision into reality. Our professionals who are experts in home interiors in Pune help you choose the right designs and also explore the possibilities of implementing your designs. We create an unparalleled blend of functionality and aesthetics to make your living space even more adorable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you also manufacture the TV unit designs?

Yes, we have a 100,000-square-foot manufacturing facility that employs the latest German technology to manufacture your designs with precision.

How much does a customized TV unit design cost?

It depends upon the type of design and also the various elements you want to add to it. We recommend visiting our showroom to discuss your needs with our experts and get an estimate for your TV unit designs.

How long does it take to design, manufacture, and install a TV unit design?

The completion time depends on various factors like the size of the design, intricacies, and customizations involved in it. Hence, we can calculate the actual project time only when we discuss your specific requirements with you.

Will you help us explore various TV unit designs at your showroom?

Our experts design TV units based on your needs. Besides, our team provides its expert advice to help you make the right and informed choice suited to your living room design, total size, wall size, and your preferences.

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