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6 Stylish Wardrobe Interior Designs with the Latest Color Combinations

Wardrobe interiors encompass various aspects like available space, aesthetics, alignment with other colors and elements of the bedroom, etc. Hence, planning wardrobe interior designs involves a considerable amount of thought and effort.

At Kitchen décor, as one of the best modular wardrobe design experts in Pune, our multi-dimensional focus involves designing a wardrobe in a way that optimizes space and simultaneously enhances the bedroom’s aesthetics. So, here are six stylish wardrobe interior designs that we suggest to our customers

1. Natural and Neutral Colors

natural color wardrobe

For a bedroom designed with a blend of natural and neutral tones, a wardrobe with similar complementing shades can create a soothing effect. While also making the bedroom look sober, it will enhance the virtual space quotient.

2. Rustic Look

rustic wardrobe interior

Rustic has its unique charm but only when you unearth it the right way. With minimal colors, further used minimally, you can give your bedroom a rustic, yet glamorous look. You may choose a light color, for example light cream, for it. A professional interior designer can help you make the right choice.

3. Charcoal Gray

Charcoal Gray wardrobe interior

Charcoal gray is quickly emerging as a trend across the modern wardrobe design space. It is versatile and contemporary. A multi-sectional wardrobe with two standard sliding doors and a charcoal gray color can form a killer combination! So, style and functionality – you get both when you choose this option.

4. Glassdoor

Glass Door Wardrobe

White lacquered glass doors with a strip of colored borders can glam up the look of your wardrobe and also add to your bedroom’s aesthetic quotient. The minimalistic use of colors and elements makes the bedroom look more spacious and luxurious.

5. Dual Color

Sliding Wardrobe

Dual color has been a timeless favorite. The presence of two colors in a single view helps enhance the bedroom’s aesthetics and gives it a versatile look.

6. Blue Hues

Blue is another elegant and timeless choice that goes well with different surrounding colors. However, leveraging a blue tone with other another complementing shade, say the natural color of the wood, can bring a playful, yet graceful look to the bedroom.

There’s much more to the above. But that’s something you will discover after a personal visit to our showroom and discussing your specific needs with our experts. So, schedule a visit and explore our fascinating and adorable wardrobe ideas and designs. Make the right choice that matches your persona and style. Our experts will be glad to help you do that!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you work on a specific pattern of my choice?

Yes, of course. We value your choices and suggestions. Hence, our experts will surely consider your suggestion and work options around it.

Can you show a 3D view of our wardrobe and how it will look after completing the design and installation part?

Yes. We leverage the latest tools and technologies to show customers a comprehensive 3D view of their wardrobe design.

Do you also specialize in contrast color combinations?

Yes. Our expertise extends to designing wardrobes with contrasting colors to make the bedroom look aesthetically pleasing and at the same time, spacious.

What are the common mistakes people make while selecting wardrobe colors?

While choosing wardrobe color combinations, people usually make the following mistakes.

  • Selecting too many colors and making the wardrobe look a hotch-potch
  • Choosing wardrobe colors that don’t complement those of the bedroom
  • Not considering the wardrobe material’s texture
  • Using bold colors anyhow in a compact space

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