Our Design Philosophy

Plan your space more efficiently with Kitchen decor. Our main motto is to offer you a space that is finely designed, smartly planned, aesthetically pleasing, and at the same time catering to all your needs and requirements. At Kitchen decor, we ensure this with the help of our “Design Philosophy”. By executing the 5 main aspects of this philosophy, we understand you better, study your needs better, and are able to deliver a product that suits your expectations and requirements better. So, embrace a systematic and creative approach to designing spaces with Kitchen decor.


Assembling Needs

At Kitchen decor, YOU are our greatest inspiration. Hence, we try to understand you and your needs better. In order to offer you a product that is best suited to your needs, we provide you with a detailed questionnaire. This gathered information caters to all the minutest doubts and questions that we may have. Also, it propels you to think deeper and decide on what exactly you want from us. This step facilitates effective communication and sets a strong foundation for the further process of designing.

We want to enhance and improve the experience that you will have with our products. Hence, to ensure this we create a record of detailed information that will help us to plan your space better. The questions range from your design preferences to how much time will you be spending in that space, your purpose of using the space, your personal habits etc. This will enable us to mould the space that perfectly suits your needs and requirements. This step will narrow down your search and help us render you a joyful and stress-free user experience.


Applying Ergonomics

A perfect designed space is the one that is efficient and sparks comfort in every corner. Our design team ensures that all our products are crafted in a way that ensures to optimise movements and avoid any unnatural postures that may cause health problems. So now no more unnecessary bending, stretching or bumping. Our designs facilitate the principle of comfort, ease and are user friendly.

The application of ergonomics for designing a space for you will transform your overall experience with a particular space. From the depth of the wall unit to organizing storage spaces in your kitchen, Kitchen decor carefully plans everything to give you a painless and trouble free experience.

Giving your wall unit the right depth

Ideally the depth of the wall unit should not be more than 300 mm otherwise you may end up banging your head on it everytime.

Choose lift-ups over hinged shutters

Lift-ups are more convenient and manageable than the hinged shutters. Hinged shutters are often cumbersome and require constant closing and opening. Also, more often than not, there’s a possibility of you bumping into it, if let open. Whereas. Lift ups are easy to use as they move up and out of the way and can be left open while cooking. It makes it easier to view or remove items from lift ups while cooking.

Giving your countertop the right height

It is very important for the countertop to have the right height for the person to be comfortable while cooking. There should be a right amount of gap between the worktop and the elbow which is around 10-15 cm.

Choose drawers over cupboards

Removing things from cupboards can be quite a task and tedious at times. Also, stretching to reach for things that may be kept into the cupboards may cause back problems or other health problems. Hence, choosing drawers over cupboards can prove to be beneficial any day. The full extension option that the drawer offers makes it more convenient and makes pulling anything out, or reaching to the back of the drawer, easy and painless.

Choose drawers over cupboards

It is often difficult to stretch and reach into the back of cupboards, and sometimes painful too…especially for your back. Choose drawers and a full extension option to make pulling anything out, or reaching to the back of the drawer, easy and painless.


Zoning And Workflow

In order to make your space and life even more comfortable and convenient, Kitchen decor goes a step further and implements the concept of zoning. This method SAVES TIME, SHORTENS DISTANCE and ensures SMART STORAGE in every corner. It can save your time by almost 25%

5 Zone Design Principle for Kitchens

Using 5 zone design principle, Kitchen decor crafts kitchens that are more efficient, functional and time saving.In this process, your kitchen is divided into 5 zones including Consumable zone, Non-consumable zone, Cleaning zone, Preparation zone, and Cooking area.

Each zone has storage space which is task specific so that you don’t have to keep moving to grab that essential ingredient, you may have forgotten to add.

3 Zone Design Philosophy for Wardrobes

The 3 zone design principle for wardrobes is here to make your daily getting ready process easier and quicker.
In this process, we divide your wardrobe into 3 zones.

Daily Zone: This part of the wardrobe shall carry all your mostly used clothes and necessities. This section will be placed in a way which is easily accessible and avoids any bending or stretching on your part.

Frequent Zone: This zone will bear all the essentials necessities that you may use on a daily basis.

Seasonal Zone: This section of the cupboard is the one that has the least visits from you. It shall include all your party wears, seasonal wears, accessories and things that you seldom use.


Planning Storage

A well organized space can make life way more easier and simpler. At Kitchen decor, we understand that storage is an essential part of any space and hence we take extra measures to provide you with a storage space that can bear all your needs and requirements. Be it planning your kitchen or designing your wardrobe, your personal information along with your requirements and other basic factors are taken into consideration. Our designers also come up with some unique storage ideas tailored just for you.



This diagonal deep corner drawer is a clever design to use available space and to store the most vital items required for cooking.


Thanks to this cleverly designed film dispenser, you can now pull out and cut ‘cling-film’ without a tangle and high wastage.


Thanks to these flexible cross-dividers, you can store the appropriate lids right next to your pots and pans.


These U-shaped pull outs fit neatly around the sink, making use of all wasted space. This provides ample space for sponges and liquids, keeping them within easy reach.


Round or square, these plate-holders can hold a number of plates without sliding around in the drawer. What’s more, you can lift the holder and carry it to the table at mealtimes.


A neat cutlery drawer, with dividers, to make sure your spoons don’t jostle your forks; and you can quickly find the sauté spoon before the seasoning burns!


Our well designed wardrobes with extra storage ensure that you never run out of space to store your belongings. With smart designing such as simple enhancement of drawers and fine compartmentalisation of cupboard can double your storage without taking any more space. Here’s how:

Wider unitsJoin two drawers to make a wide one, and increase your space by 15%.
Deeper drawersExtend the drawers right to the back, to increase storage space by 30%.
Higher sidesRaise the sides of each drawer to increase storage space by 55%.





Coordinating Elements

Apart from being functionally apt and efficient, a space has to look aesthetically pleasing and appealing. More often than not, your expectations of what a certain space would look doesn’t match the reality of how it comes out to be. Our designers bear detailed knowledge of colour palettes, textures and other elements of designs. They will be able to give insights on these matters and help you envision the results of how the space may look like in the end.

Our team makes sure to coordinate all the elements while designing a space for you. This enables us to give you a better idea of how your space will look as a whole after finishing. Kitchen decor crafts you a beautiful space by carefully knitting all the factors and coordinating essential elements to render you a space adorned with aesthetics and beauty.