The Inception of Kitchen décor took place in 1999 with the goal of providing personalized Indian Kitchens using European precision.


Kitchen décor has become a leading name in the modular kitchen industry, with the experience and knowledge it has acquired and pioneering innovative home solutions way ahead of their time. We have played a leading role in the development of modular kitchen sector through constantly improving its technology-based aspects, never forgetting to maintain the aesthetics. Kitchen décor today, is synonymous to elegant convenience, highest precision and trustworthy efficiency.

Core Ideology of Modern Design

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At Kitchen decor, we want to deliver WOW to our customers through our Products and Services.


We want to be the PRODUCT LEADER and BEST SERVICE PROVIDER in the modular furniture segment.

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Adaptability is not just about changing something but is the ability to effect changes in a course of action with smoothness and timeliness, without any major setbacks. At Kitchen decor, we are committed to evolving and changing as the world and time demands. It is the sleigh that keeps us moving forward in this ever changing world. Being adaptable as a brand has helped Kitchen decor to propel its 20+ years of legacy. We always strive to be more adaptable and flexible as a brand to keep up with change and our customer needs. It is this core value that helps our brand to stay intact, focused and overcome the uncontrollable factors that we may be posed with.

Kitchen decor as a brand is driven by passion. A strong passion for spaces, designs and furniture. It is this value that helps Kitchen decor to stand out and be able to always offer you something that is beyond just ordinary and common. Ws aspire to always push our boundaries and achieve something exceptional. At Kitchen decor we embrace challenges and overcome them with extraordinary work and creation.

At Kitchen decor, all our staff members and service providers make sure that everyone who visits us goes back with a feeling of contentment and satisfaction. We value their needs, requirements and welcome everybody with open arms and help them to immerse themselves in the world of better living spaces.

At Kitchen decor we are process driven and hence it allows us to focus on our strategies, meet our customer needs, win their hearts and deliver service on time. This enables our customers to restore their trust and faith in us.

Kitchen decor as a brand always strives to stand for what is fairly correct. We intend to maintain a level of transparency between us and our customers which enables us to establish trust, loyalty and accountability towards them.

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