Innovative designs, Greater impact!

Our wardrobes are a true definition of efficiency and aesthetics. Keeping in mind popular needs and trends regarding storage and designing, we craft wardrobe designs that serve as a perfect keeper of your valuable possessions. Our finest material and perfect design can be easily witnessed in our work.

Our Process for Wardrobes


Assembling Needs

At Kitchen decor, we make sure to offer you a wardrobe that caters to your needs and requirements to the fullest. This is done by carefully understanding your expectations collected through the Kitchen decor questionnaire filled by you. This step facilitates effective communication and sets a strong foundation for the further process of designing.


Applying Ergonomics

The application of ergonomics for designing wardrobe will transform your overall experience with a particular space. From the depth of the wall unit to organizing storage spaces for your wardrobe, Kitchen decor will present you with a smartly and efficiently designed wardrobe.

Choose drawers over cupboards

It is often difficult to stretch and reach into the back of cupboards, and sometimes painful too…especially for your back. Choose drawers and a full extension option to make pulling anything out, or reaching to the back of the drawer, easy and painless.


Zoning & Workflow

A perfect designed wardrobe is the one that has enough storage space, is compact as well as good looking. Wardrobes by Kitchen decor adds one more feature to your wardrobes which makes it more user friendly and comfortable. So now no more unnecessary bending, stretching, or bumping.

To make your “getting ready” process and life even simpler and easier, Kitchen decor introduces the 3 zone Design Principle to your wardrobe design.

In this process, we divide your wardrobe into 3 zones.

Daily zone:This part of the wardrobe shall carry all your most used clothes and necessities. This section will be placed in a way which is easily accessible and avoids any bending or stretching on your part

Often zone:This zone will bear all the essentials necessities that you may use on a daily basis.

Rare zone:This section of the cupboard is the one that has the least visits from you. It shall include all your party wears, accessories and things that you seldom use.


Planning Storage

At Kitchen decor, we understand that storage is an essential part of any space and hence we take extra measures to provide you with a storage space that can bear all your belongings properly. Our wardrobes offer you huge storage space with precise compartments and sections designed for specific items so that everything has a proper place for it in your wardrobe.


Our well designed wardrobes with extra storage ensure that you never run out of space to store your belongings. With smart designing such as simple enhancement of drawers and fine compartmentalisation of cupboard can double your storage without taking any more space. Here’s how:

Wider unitsJoin two drawers to make a wide one, and increase your space by 15%.
Deeper drawersExtend the drawers right to the back, to increase storage space by 30%.
Higher sidesRaise the sides of each drawer to increase storage space by 55%.





Coordinating Elements

Along with having huge storage space and being perfectly organized, your wardrobes must possess an aesthetic look with a well-designed appearance. At Kitchen decor, we create wardrobes that are classy, finely crafted, and rightly coordinated in terms of its color combination and texture. So enjoy a wardrobe that has got it all.

Star Features of our Wardrobes.

  • Our wardrobes showcase german precision and modular design.
  • They are customized to cater to your- needs and requirements.
  • Witness a variety of designs and patterns.

Explore our Accessories Elements

Why Modular Wardrobes v/s Carpenter Made Wardrobes

Ergonomically designed to cater to your needs and requirements.


Basic design, no concept, and often not user-friendly.

Designed by our in-house team of design experts.


Manufactured by local carpenters with no uniqueness in designs.

Easy to move around your space.


Not possible to move around.

Designed by the latest technology and German machinery.


Lack of resources and has to work without any advanced tools or the latest technology.

Takes very little time to assemble, no disturbance, or noise to the surroundings.


Time taken by carpenters is limitless and creates a lot of nuisance.

A cleaner and organized look.


Raw and disorganized look. Lacks proper finishing.

A separate shelf to hold your accessories or other belongings is customized as per your requirements.


Very standard model without any special compartments or shelves.

Wide range of options in terms of vibrant colors, unique designs and patterns.


Limited options to choose from as no variations in designs or patterns.

Types of Wardrobes

Open (Walk-in) Wardrobe

Kitchen decor offers you a custom, eye-catching walk-in wardrobe. This type of wardrobe provides you with ample space and storage for all your belongings plus has an aesthetic and lavish look to them.


Sliding Wardrobe

These wardrobes bear sliding doors and ensure a swift opening and closing. They are compact yet hold huge storage capacity and take no space to open. Best suitable for smaller spaces, Sliding Wardrobes look classy and precise.


Swing Door Wardrobe

Swing Door Wardrobe comprises of traditional wardrobes customized with swing door wardrobe and sliding door wardrobe.

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