Easy to plan, modern, and customizable—what's not to love about a modular kitchen?

5 Things to keep in mind before choosing a modular kitchen

The great thing about modular kitchens is that you can have a unique, bespoke kitchen that istailor-made especially for you. However, there are certain aspects you need to pay attention to.

01. Understanding Your Needs

The kitchen design is about finding the products and fittings, which suit your taste and requirements. It also about arranging them in a way, which will allow you to work easily and safely, while providing a good-looking feature within your home. At Kitchen Decor, we gather your needs in understanding your idea of a perfect kitchen by asking few questions like –

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  • How often do you shop for your Kitchen?
    • Daily
    • Weekly
    • Monthly
  • What counter appliances do you use on your kitchen top?
    • Gas Stove
    • Cook Top
    • Hob
    • Induction
  • We help you when it comes to how to design a kitchen like a professional by discovering your priorities and preferences.
    • Lifestyle Preferences
    • Cooking Style Preferences
    • Grocery Shopping Frequency
    • Storage Requirement
    • Accessories and Appliances Usage

02. Modern Kitchen Ergonomics

Think about the time you spend in the kitchen: Do you find yourself having to do a lot of walking here and there, bending down, kneeling, and rummaging through your cabinets win uncomfortable positions?If the answer is yes, then you just don’t have a very ergonomic kitchen. At Kitchen Decor, we make use of kitchen ergonomics to design a kitchen in all its elements. Wework in tangent to optimize movements and minimize the stress you put on your body while performing everyday kitchen activities.

Discover our kitchens ergonomics:

Choose lift-ups over hinged shutters

Lift-ups are more convenient and manageable than the hinged shutters. Hinged shutters are often cumbersome and require constant closing and opening. Also, more often than not, there's a possibility of you bumping into it, if let open. Whereas, Lift ups are easy to use as they move up and out of the way and can be left open while cooking. It makes it easier to view or remove items from lift ups while cooking.

Giving your wall unit the right depth

Ideally the depth of the wall unit should not be more than 300 mm otherwise you may end up banging your head on it everytime.

Optimal kitchen counter height

The standard is 34 to 36 inches tall. But it can vary even more based on your size and preferences. The best way to determine comfortable work surface heights is to stand up straight and bend your arms (like you’re chopping onions on a cutting board) and measure. Ideally, your prep surfaces will be three to four inches below your bent elbow.


03. 5-Zone Design Principle

Today, you need a kitchen beyond a ‘nice’ design. You need an optimal interior design, which can be of great importance to your everyday life in the kitchen. We help you design a kitchen with our 5-zone design principles, which helps in reducing your everyday cooking time by at least 20 minutes and makes cooking effortless. Now save time and work efficiently with a systematic and elegant designed kitchen.

Here’s a quick overview of the 5 kitchen zones:

1. The consumables zone is the zone, whichwill have all the food items here like grains, food/vegetables stored in the refrigerator.If you can, locate the consumables zone near your cooking area as it will make it easier to reach out for last-minute ingredients or ingredients that need to be refrigerated before cooking.

2. The Non-Consumables zone includes all the non-disposable things such as crockery and utensils like dishes, bowls, glasses, cutlery, and tableware, so on.As such, it should be located near your clean-up zone, so that you can put your serving ware away easily after washing and drying them.

3. The cleaning zone is the cleaning area that is your sink, dishwasher, garbage, detergents, and water purification units.

4. The preparation zone is the section where all the cooking preparation takes place like cutting of vegetables, arranging all the ingredients required for cooking. This is also the part where all the immediate required cooking utensils, pots, and pans are stored.

5. The cooking zone has a stove or gas hob which is placed. It also contains a chimney, an oven, a microwave, or even an entire cooking range.

Watch the video to know more.

04. Planning Storage

Organise your storage by sequence of use. Sort your stored items those that are used often, sometimes and rarely. If you store them at the right level with the most used items at the most accessible height, you do not have to stretch or bend too often.

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Smart Corners / Storage

Thanks to Häfele, corner units have taken a turn for the better. A corner unit is an ideal place to store pots and pans, mixers and other kitchen equipment.

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Tall units

Free up floor space in your kitchen by building your storage units tall or maybe even create a small pantry - our high cabinets won't take up much room!

Kitchen accessories

Keep your kitchen tidy with clever accessory solutions to help you maximise space. From plate holders to dish racks –Kitchen Decor has the perfect answer to your storage quandary.

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Our range of kitchen accessories includes
  • Plate holders
  • Spice holders
  • Knife holders
  • Wine glass holders
  • Foil dispensers
  • Dish racks
  • Midway systems
  • Countertop support

05. Coordinating Elements

Beyond being functional and practical, your kitchen space must be aesthetically pleasing too. It so happens that your vision of an ideal kitchen space would not look as close to reality. That's when our designers thoroughly look into details of colour palettes, textures, and other elements of designs. They give their rightful insights on such important elements to envision a kitchen layout you always dreamt it to be.

Our team coordinates all the elements when designing your kitchen space to create a prototype of the finished look. Thus, we are the creators of a beautiful space by putting all the pieces of essential elements to furnish a space enhanced with aesthetics and elegance.


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Try to imagine your kitchen as you would like it to be in reality, and if you are not able to do that, employ a Kitchen Decor specialist to help you design your dream kitchen. Get in touch for a no-obligation design and quote, our expert designers will guide you through everything you need to know about our kitchens. They will discuss your kitchen requirements and transform them into a design that perfectly suits you.

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